Strong Female Explorer Week.

As the fabulous Strong Female Explorer Week takes hold, we’d like to through our top four fabulous Lara Croft contenders into the hat. Meet the ladies that discovered more than one secret Ancient Egyptian Pyramid / Pharaoh’s tomb that has as yet un-discovered lost treasure.

A theme that we are all familiar with in the slot’s world, but one that we just can’t stay away from. This week’s list is the best of the best as far as adventurers of a female persuasion are concerned.

Strong Female Explorer Week.

The brilliant Strong Female Explorer Week is not all about the spins or the wins. We celebrate the awesomeness of the independent Lara Croft wannabes. Join the treasure hunt of a lifetime without leaving the comfort of your play pad.

Relic Hunters and the Book of Faith

Let the gushing begin. The graphics are fabulous, and the animation (when it happens) is well done. Every corner of this game offers something to look out for, which is rare. Normally all the action happens in the reels. Not this game. The negative side to that is that there is so much happening that sometimes when you win, you have no idea why. Does that matter? NO! great game and well worth your time.

Jackpot wins in this game are good but won’t make you independently rich.
Volatility – High. This is a 6-reels • 3-lines • 9-Game with an RTP of 96.50%.
We rated this game an 9.5 out of 10. Read more…

Book of Duat

Anna the Explore is back with a very familiar theme that doubles as a re-introduction to Anna the Explorer, and the Book of… fans. Gone (almost) are the T-Rex beasts, only to be replaced by re-animated Pharaohs, Anubis, the God of Death, and the croc-a-saurus Sobek, the God of Crocodiles.

Prizes in this game could be bigger, but they weren’t mean enough to make you want to play elsewhere.
Volatility – High. This is a 5-reels • 3-lines • 10-Game with an RTP of 96%.
We rated this game a 7.5 out of 10. Read more…

Ruby Stone and the Book of Scarab

Ruby Stone is the new Croft in this beautifully designed game with a tasty graphics package that includes some cool animation. The background vibe makes you want to travel to the ancient sands that surround the Pyramids. Especially when you are in the Free Spins zone.

Generous jackpot wins in this game are good enough to make you feel really lucky.
Volatility – High. This is a 5-reels • 3-lines • 10-Game with an RTP of 96%.
We rated this game a 8 out of 10. Read more…

Book of Secrets

Yet another brilliant game from the legendary Synot Games, but with a theme that has been tested to destruction. The Book of Secrets is a great game to play with seriously high RTP percentages and a very comfortable play mode. Re-discover Ancient Egypt with yet another uncovered Pharaoh’s tomb that has un-hidden lost treasure.

Jackpot wins in this game are really good but not epic.
Volatility – Medium-High. This is a 5-reels • 3-lines • 10-Game with an RTP of 97.94%.
We rated this game a 7 out of 10. Read more…

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