Slot Game Volatility

Risk in online slot gambling is measured in Slot Game Volatility. Choosing a game based on the level of volatility can impact the payout amount as well as the payout frequency. The higher the volatility of a game the less frequent the higher payouts will be. In other words, the bigger the risk the bigger the reward!

Medium Volatility slots offer the player a more “stable” gameplay experience. This doesn’t mean that the guarantee of a win is more than in other games, but the pots are more frequent and sizable enough for you to want to keep coming back.

Regardless of the game volatility level of any slot, there is always risk involved when gambling. That goes without saying, but some games have been set at a different level to ensure that there is a different betting experience.

Which Slot Game Volatility is better?

The general consensus among us slot junkies when it comes to Slot Game Volatility is the higher the maximum bet offers higher multiples of a big win combination. Plus, many progressive jackpots will only be won if you are playing with a maximum bet limit. Obviously, if you are on a losing streak, then it doesn’t matter what your bet or volatility is, you are still losing.

As with all things gambling, you need to know your limits. If you have a starting pot of $£€ thousands, then there is no problem with betting the max. If, however, you are playing with a smaller pot (like most of us), then sometimes the max bet is too high. There is no fun or enjoyment in betting your whole pot on just one spin of the reel.

Debunking the Slots Myth

Best time of the day to play.
Let’s be clear, every single slot game out there works on a Random Numbers Generator (RNG). This means, that it doesn’t matter what time of day you play, what stake you place, or what colour your lucky pants are. All combinations are random. So enjoy all day every day at any time of the day or year, it makes no difference to your chances of winning.

The only exception to this rule is when there is a special jackpot added to a slot. In which case you will need to play during those times advertised.

Pre-payout indications.
There are no tell-tail signs on an online slot (or casino) to suggest that the next spin will payout. All slots are random and there is no way to influence the outcome of your spin. Regardless of whether you’ve had the same symbol in the same place three times in a row, or if your left eye twitches just before you spin.

Return to Player Percentage

The Slot Game Volatility is not the same as the RTP. The RTP % or Return to Player percentage is the pay-out percentage given back to players on all the money wagered on that specific game or slot over the lifetime of that slot.

Basically, the RTP is just a heads-up to let you know what the casino earns on a specific game. It does not impact your game, and it does not stop you from winning a jackpot or guaranteeing you a win. The RTP is calculated on all bets all players make on that game, not just your bets.

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Please Gamble Responsibly


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