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The journey to the Egyptian Underworld™ starts with 5 reels and an All Ways pay mechanic, that features in the brilliant new Sync ‘N’ Spin mechanic released by Greentube that grants 1 free respin after every win.

New Sync ‘N’ Spin mechanic in Egyptian Underworld

Greentube, a leading provider of online casino games and solutions, has recently released a new slot mechanic called Sync ‘N’ Spin. The new mechanic made its debut in the popular game Egyptian Underworld and has already garnered significant attention from both players and industry experts.

The new “Sync ‘N’ Spin” in Greentubes’ latest release Egyptian Underworld™, integrates with the rest of the game’s systems and mechanics and adds a natural addition to the gameplay. Sync ‘N’ Spin is a unique and innovative slot mechanic that allows players to synchronize their spins across multiple reels, increasing their chances of hitting winning combinations. The new mechanic is designed to enhance the player’s overall gaming experience, providing them with more control over their spins and creating new opportunities for exciting and rewarding gameplay.

The Sync ‘N’ Spin mechanic works by allowing players to select multiple reels to spin at once, rather than spinning each reel individually. Players can choose which reels to sync and how many to spin at once, depending on their desired level of risk and reward. The new mechanic is easy to use and intuitive, making it accessible to both experienced and novice players.

The Sync ‘N’ Spin mechanic also offers several advantages over traditional slot gameplay. By syncing their spins, players can increase their chances of hitting multiple winning combinations on a single spin. This not only enhances the player’s overall winning potential but also creates an added layer of excitement and anticipation as they wait for the reels to stop spinning.

In addition to its gameplay benefits, the Sync ‘N’ Spin mechanic is also visually impressive. The synchronized reels spin together in a mesmerizing display of animation and sound effects, creating a truly immersive gaming experience for players.

The release of Sync ‘N’ Spin in Egyptian Underworld™ has been met with great enthusiasm from the gaming community. Industry experts have praised the new mechanic for its innovative design and potential to revolutionize the slot gaming industry. Players have also expressed their excitement for the new mechanic, citing its potential to increase their chances of winning and create new opportunities for exciting gameplay.

Overall, the release of the new Sync ‘N’ Spin mechanic in the Egyptian Underworld™ marks an exciting new chapter in the world of online slot gaming. Greentube’s innovative new mechanic offers players a fresh and exciting way to experience slot gameplay, providing them with more control and opportunities to win. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Sync ‘N’ Spin stands out as a shining example of innovation and creativity in online casino game design.

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Greentube is the brilliant Interactive division of Novomaic, with game cooperation that has gone above and beyond the bounds of what is possible in online slots. Their list of games is a veritable who’s who in the gaming world, including the brilliant Book of… series with the awesome Book of Ra at the forefront.

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