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Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo Review

Game Specifications

Mechanics: Bingo cards with Slots Bonus

Features: expanding symbols of sorts

Return to Player (RTP): 94.9% *can vary between casino sites

Volatility: ?

Developer: GreenTube-Novomatic

Rating: 4/10 Stars.

Comment: No. Just no!

*Where to play: Casumo, Jackpot Village, Temple Nile Casino, SpinStation, Sun Vegas.

Game Content

It seems that the Book of Ra is the gift that just keeps giving, but the Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo might just be the gift that you give back. Seriously, Deluxe Bingo might be the Book of… that tests your love for all things Ra.

This game is split into two sections, Bingo and then IF you manage to get all your Bingo balls on the set patterns (top of the game), then it takes you to the Slots part, which, is the Bonus game. Alas, I never made it this far and had to give up trying for fear of losing my mind. Seriously, this is not really a Book of…  and it absolutely isn’t Ra worthy, even if you are a fan of a Slots Bingo mash-up.

It is fair to say that I didn’t give this game my full attention, and my comments might seem a little harsh, but what the Book of Ra deluxe Bingo does offer, is a unique playing experience. I can guarantee that there is nothing else like this out there. All you Bingo aficionados and Slot junkies that have always wanted a mash-up, your welcome!

There is no safer gambling element in this game.

Game Developer

GreenTube-Novomatic is probably one of the best games developers out there. Just about everything that they do is fabulous. This might not be their best work to date, but you can see the line of thought from the genius behind Ra. Entertainment is at the heart of everything that leaves their gaming workshop, and it shows because everything they produce has a following and the Book Ra Deluxe Bingo will be no exception.

Bonus Feature

Free Spins

Match the Bingo balls to the patterns at the top of the game and you are rewarded with 10 free spins. This is the only time the Book of Ra Deluxe Bingo becomes a slot game.   

Absolutely no idea how good or bad the prize pots in this game are, as I lost the will to find out early on in this game.

Gamble Feature

No Gamble feature in this game.

The legend behind RA the Sun God
In the days of Ancient Egyptian Mythology, Ra, (pronounced Ray) was their Sun God. It is believed that he created the world, and represented sunlight, warmth and growth. Easy recognisable amongst the other gods, as he is depicted as having a human body with a falcon for a head. His crown is a sun disc.

Ra also known as Re and Atum (coincidentally also Book of Ra games) was destined to roam the heavens in his multifaceted boat. In the morning when Ra emerged from the East, his boat was named, “Madjet”, which means “becoming strong.” At sundown, his boat became “Semektet” which means “becoming weak.” Solar temples to Ra were built to allow sunlight to filter in, representing the rays (or Ra) of sunlight in worship to the Sun God. 

Responsible Play – Adults Only Game

All Novomatic Slot and Casino games are age-restricted to players that are older than 18+. Age verification is required regardless of where you play. This is an 18+ game that involves gambling.

18+ only. Welcome Bonuses refer to New players only. Wagering requirements always apply unless specified. Bonuses, RTP %, Providers, Casinos, Games and Wagering requirements may change depending on where you play. Free games and promotions are for funded players unless specified. Withdrawing funds requires proof of an ID. Always read full T&C’s before playing.

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